Terry Mierau, Monique Scholte and their children Isabel, Pieter and Hein
Opera singers and farmers of Cedar Lane Farm, a small-scale mixed farm in Neubergthal, Manitoba.
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Wayne Rempel
CEO of Poplar Grove/Kroeker Farms, a large-scale conventional horticulture farm that within the past 15 years has transitioned 3300 acres to certified organic, Winkler, Manitoba. 
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Andrew and Colleen Granger
Large scale conventional grain farmers, first year transitioning 125 acres of their land to organic, Brandon Hills, Manitoba.


Dr. Martin Entz
Dept. of Plant Science, University of Manitoba. For over 30 years, DrMartin Entz has been contributing valuable research to improve organic farming systems. Together with his research team he leads the Natural Systems Agriculture program and administers his Farmer Participatory Plant Breeding program across Canada.
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Jonah Langelotz
A young, aspiring landless farmer mentored by Terry Mirerau in Neubergthal. He is also a member of the Metanoia Farmers Collective and CMU Farm, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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Ian and Linda Grossart
Owners of Howpark Farms, a medium-scale certified organic cattle and grain farm, Brandon Hills, Manitoba.
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Jared Puhach
Cattle rancher, friend and neighbour of Andrew and Colleen, who is partnering with them to help make the transition to organic farming.