Katharina Stieffenhofer
Producer, Director, Writer.

Katharina Stieffenhofer is a Winnipeg documentary filmmaker, with a passion for ecological agriculture, healthy communities, environmental sustainability and social justice. Her current documentary film “From Seed to Seed” is driven by her desire to engage a wide audience, grow support for ecological agriculture and participate in this global movement.

Her appreciation and respect for farming is rooted in her childhood and youth growing up on a mixed family farm on a Rhine island in Germany and expanded when her parents immigrated to Canada to become grain farmers in Southern Manitoba.

“…And This Is My Garden”, 2010, was her first feature documentary film about a school gardening project in Northern Manitoba, which empowered the students with the skills to grow their own food sustainably in their own backyards.

The film screened widely and won the following awards:

  • Most Inspirational Film Award, EcoFocus Film Festival, Athens, Georgia, USA

  • Audience Award – InspiringLives, Princeton Environmental Film Festival, Princeton, NJ, USA

  • Honorable Mention – 2011 Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival, Houston, TX, USA 

Jean du Toit Producer, Peripatetic Pictures Inc.

Jean du Toit
Producer, Peripatetic Pictures Inc.

Jean du Toit is a freelance producer and production manager.  Working in the industry since 2001, Jean’s first role as producer was on a mocdoc for The Comedy Network on the life-threatening dangers of reading; Reading: The Silent Killer. Since then she has produced television series and slightly more serious documentaries. One such project was an intimate look at the founder and face of Burt’s Bees (Burt Shavitz) “Burt’s Buzz”, another is a documentary co-production with Norway on the South Sami people, entitled The Whisperers, nominated for Nordic children's movie of the year at the 58th Nordic film festival in Lubeck, Germany.

Wendy Buelow Associate Producer, Cinematography, Editing

Wendy Buelow
Associate Producer, Cinematography, Editing

Wendy Buelow is a Winnipeg videographer, she works part time with CBC News, also camera and editing on documentaries and short video productions.

Bryan Sanders DP, Cinematography

Bryan Sanders
DP, Cinematography

Bryan Sanders has worked in various capacities in the film industry’s lighting & camera departments since 1987. He began his cinematography career in 2008 and has worked on ~100 episodic TV shows and documentaries since then. Bryan is also an accomplished still photographer and has recently added drone piloting to his skill set.

John Gurdebeke Editor

John Gurdebeke

John Gurdebeke is trained as an artist, now working in film. He is primarily noted for his work as picture editor and sound designer.

Recent picture edit work of note includes:

Guy Maddin
• ‘The Forbidden Room - feature film - 2015
• ‘My Winnipeg’ - feature film - 2007
• ‘Brand Upon the Brain!’ - feature film - 2006

Isabella Rossellini
•‘My Dad is 100 Years Old’ - short film - 2005

Sean Garrity
•'Borealis' - feature film - 2015
•'My Awkward Sexual Adventure' - feature film - 2012
•‘Lucid’ - feature film - 2005