From Seed to Seed is a feature-length documentary that explores current ecological agriculture practices by following several farmers in Manitoba over the course of a growing season. From planting seeds through to harvest, seed selection and planning for the following season and the beginning of another cycle, it illustrates the variety of practices and scales of ecological agriculture and the complexities and challenges farmers face in their practice.

The revolution in farming is that plant and animal breeding is returning into the hands of farmers.
— Terry Mierau

The film follows Terry Mierau and Monique Scholte, who gave up a life as opera singers in Europe to fulfill their passion for ecological farming β€” the traditional form of agriculture that was largely abandoned in favour of large scale industrial agriculture β€”in Canada. Terry, Monique and their three young children live in a house barn in the traditional single street Mennonite Village of Neugberthal, Manitoba, that is recognized as a national historic site. To illustrate the variety of practices and scales of organic and ecological agriculture, the film will present a sampling of organic farmers in Manitoba along with conventional farmers in the process of transitioning to organic.The film will also feature Dr. Martin Entz, Dept. of Plant Science, University of Manitoba, and his team of scientists and researchers, who are dedicated to working with farmers to develop improved methods and technologies that are driving the organic practice forward. Other important voices are consumers and marketers who will discuss the growing preferences for organic food and how this increased demand drives the need for more supply and with it the momentum in organic agriculture.

At its core, the film is a celebration of farming, the return to natural systems agriculture and the people who are part of this slow and steady revolution. There is a growing desire for information about where and how food is grown, and by providing a Canadian perspective this film will highlight the groundswell global movement from current industrial practices towards a more sustainable and resilient form of agriculture