FROM SEED TO SEED is a feature-length documentary about the growing momentum of ecological agriculture, a blend of small and large scale farmers, cutting edge science with age old traditions, and fascinating folks. On this journey through a growing season from seeding to harvest, we experience this beautiful and sometimes harsh world of those who grow our food.

The revolution in farming is that plant and animal breeding is returning into the hands of farmers.
— Terry Mierau

Terry Mierau and Monique Scholte – the heart and soul of this film - gave up a life as opera singers in Europe to fulfill their passion for ecological, small-scale farming. Terry, Monique and their three young children live in a house barn in the traditional single street Village of Neugberthal, in Southern Manitoba. They are equally determined to grow healthy food, a healthy family and community vitality in the process.

 In addition to Terry and Monique we follow several other Manitoba farmers of various scales and experience the complexities, challenges and rewards that this way of life can present. We also meet Dr. Martin Entz, and his team of scientists and researchers, who are dedicated to working with farmers to develop improved methods and technologies that are driving the organic practice forward.


Activist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, and Climate Scientist, Dr. Ian Mauro, address issues related to   farming in a Changing Climate. Consumers and processors discuss the growing preference for organic food and how this increased demand drives the momentum in ecological agriculture.

At its core, this film is a celebration of all farmers, the return to Natural Systems Agriculture and the people who are part of this slow and steady revolution. By providing a Canadian perspective this film highlights the global social movement toward the regeneration of the land, farming, and communities for a healthier and truly sustainable future for all of us.